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Real Estate Elevated: Tarek & Christina El Moussa (TV Show: Flip or Flop)

About Real Estate Elevated

Real Estate Elevated is a step-by-step real estate training program developed to take newbie and wannabe real estate investors from zero to 100 in a fully supported training environment. While it’s content is uber-detailed, they’ve been able to keep it simple enough for anyone to follow. Many report feeling invigorated with some new and different approaches never heard about before. Real Estate Elevated is based on the real estate systems and tools used by two prominent real estate investors, Tarek and Christina El Moussa whose work is frequently seen on HGTV’s Flip or Flop. Yes, it’s true that the El Moussa’s might appear to have it all – the McMansion in Orange County, the Bentley, an uber-cute family and their own TV program, however we can verify that this genetically gifted couple are just as nice in person as they seem on TV. We first met them at a Real Estate Summit in Las Vegas in 2015 and in our humble opinion, their training course is the real deal. They are both very active real estate investors – doing anywhere from 80-100 deals a year which means that the info their program is based on is about the most up-to-date that you can find. We wish we could say that about all the real estate training courses out there but you would be horrified to know how many “Guru’s” are peddling programs based on a few deals they did during the housing boom when you just had to fog a mirror to find a buyer – and haven’t done a deal since.

What Real Estate Elevated Offers

A pretty comprehensive selection of education programs, ranging from introductory classes all the way to personal coaching and an inner circle Mastermind.

Aspiring investors start off by attending a free introductory class that’s taught by Real Estate Elevated team members who are considered to be experts in their chosen field. Noticeably absent from their marketing (thankfully) is that these guys do not offer any crazy gimmicks, promise you overnight riches or say that real estate investing is easy. Just read some Real Estate Elevated reviews; they will tell you that the information is great, but actually flipping a house is a process that requires dedication. They are upfront that if you’re not prepared to put in the work, you shouldn’t even be considering it. Favorite exit strategies are of course flipping, wholesaling and buying and holding (becoming a landlord). Nothing too earth shattering here. Just very solid common sense strategies pulled together in an easy-to-understand format that covers all the main bases in depth. We give them two thumbs up for the quality of their training – we wish we had started here as we would be a lot further along!)Real Estate Elevated reviews are, for the most part pretty positive. But just like anything, there are people who disagree and leave negative reviews online. From what we could uncover, these people leaving negative reviews are people who expected to “get rich quick”. This idea is not promoted anywhere on the Real Estate Elevated website. So we don’t really know what these people were thinking. However, there are legitimate concerns, and as far as we can tell, Real Estate Elevated has handled them appropriately. Real Estate Elevated reviews can be found various places online, both on their website and third-party sites. Read these Real Estate Elevated reviews and decide for yourself if getting into real estate is something you want to try.

If you’re thinking about going to a Real Estate Elevated training then get to a free seminar. Check out their website reelevatedevents.com to find out when they might be next in your neck of the woods.

Customer Service Peeps

Here’s the number we found on their website to call 800-203-1274. Unlike the vast majority of others, this company does seem to give a shit about its customers experience. That’s good in our books.


The El Moussas went from broke to, well, a Bentley and McMansion in a couple of years but are NOT touting their system as a get rich scheme. They started small and slowly doing 3 deals in their first year. Their TV program is one of the most popular real estate shows on TV and is currently in its 4th season. In our opinion these guys are the real deal. Many people have found financial success and independence using the tools and guidance provided by Real Estate Elevated. As mentioned above, the program is not a “get rich quick” scheme, (to the dismay of people leaving negative Real Estate Elevated reviews) and you as the investor are expected to do a considerable amount of work, but if done properly, there is the potential for a huge payoff. As part of their program we also received personal support from several real estate and finance pros which we sure appreciated.

Next Steps

Over to you. Check out their website at reelevatedevents.com

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