Tenant Landlord Attorney Near Me

Tenant Landlord Attorney Near Me

Do You Know Your Rights, and When to Hire a Tenant Landlord Attorney Near You? Do You Know Your Rights, and When to Hire a local Tenant Landlord Attorney?

You may ask: “Why contact a tenant landlord attorney near me?” The answer is that by going local, you can have increased access to the landlord attorney, not just remotely over the web. Although web based consultation is excellent in many way, sometimes face-to-face is required as it allows freedom of communication (not hampered by “… you need to unmute”).

Renting houses is governed by landlord-tenant laws, but they vary from state to state. They are mainly for protecting tenants from discrimination and other victimization from landlords. Although landlords have a right to evict tenants, that is only allowed under certain circumstances.

If the landlord has legal grounds for your eviction, they are required by law to give you an eviction notice. It is important to know your rights regarding landlord-tenant relationships so that you know when the landlord is going beyond what is allowed by law.

Here are situations that require you to hire a landlord-tenant attorney to help you know your rights and stop the landlord from victimizing you.

1. The Landlord is Harassing instead of legal eviction

You will have to move out for sure when the landlord has legal grounds to evict you, but the eviction notice’s timing varies from state to state. It may be anything from 20 to 90 days, depending on your state. However, some of the landlords may begin harassing you in the following ways:

  • Turning off your power or other utilities
  • Issuing you with threats
  • Taking away your possession
  • Removing doors or windows from your house

2. When you Sustain Injuries

Your landlords should ensure the property is free from health and safety hazards. If not, you can hold them liable for injuries related to their carelessness.

3. When the Landlords are not keeping their Word

You can hold landlords accountable depending on the promises they make. For instance, if you need increased security and the landlord promises to do something in writing, you can sue them if they do not fulfill.

As a layman, you may not understand everything about the law and your rights concerning a certain issue. But when you have an issue with your landlord, it will be best to hire an attorney to confirm your rights and compel the landlord to comply with the law. If you must go to court, then a tenant-landlord attorney near you will help you with the legal processes and also represent you in court.

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