Ari Stieglar Real Estate

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Ari Stiegler born in 1992 is a young entrepreneur of the 21st century. He is a managing partner at flux Capital and also a venture capitalist based in Los Angeles. Also, he is the co-founder of TutorMe, LVL, and PhoneTag. Ari Stiegler had a dream to transform the real estate industry in Los Angelo. He believes that real estate will gradually grow after the pandemic. Here is what he announced to change in the real estate sector.

• New trends in technology Ari Stiegler would like to apply the new trends in technology to solve problems like high housing prices. It is because most employees in America have relocated to the suburbs because of the high housing costs. For that reason, the application of the latest technology will help the workers return to the cities.

• Land value appreciation Ari Stiegler argues that he will ensure that land value appreciates. This will lead to numerous constructions and increased property sales rates. That way, Los Angelo’s real estate will change and more people will be moving to the city. More investors will also move to the city to buy land for property construction purposes. There will be a great real estate transformation if more property sells.

• New housing models He added that he will ensure that there are new housing models like co-living whereby residents share a fully-furnished house. These new housing models will have special designs that will make them popular in Los Angeles. He also adds that after covid-19 recovery co-living is more likely to be embraced.

Conclusion: Ari Stiegler notes that the real estate market in Los Angeles has started showing positive changes despite the covid-19 pandemic. For that reason, there is a chance of more growth of the market in the future. That is why he believes and focuses on investing in Los Angeles.

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