Grandbridge Real Estate Capital

Grandbridge Real Estate Capital


Grandbridge is a company that finances real estates and has many investors who help in providing real estate brokerage. The company’s services include servicing and arranging for loans in commercial real estate. The company is owned by Branch Banking and Trust after being acquired in 2007. Grandbridge came about as a result of combining Laureate Capital Division and Collateral Real Estate Capital. The capital company has twenty-six offices in cities across the US. Despite having many offices, the headquarters of Grandbridge is in Charlotte NC.


Most of the services offered by Grandbridge are in retail, office, hospitality, multifamily properties, and industrial properties. If you are interested in purchasing a home and need financing, Grandbridge will be of help. They provide capital solutions for multifamily and commercial real estate. For finance solutions that are tailored and personalized for your needs, Grandbridge is there for you. The services include financing real estate loans, providing assets and portfolio management, and real estate brokerage.

Types of properties

Grandbridge will help the clients in the acquisition of properties such as multifamily properties; they will ensure that you can

Get access to affordable housing

You are assured of affordable housing under the different loan options offered by Grandbridge. The loan options include 501(c) (3) bonds, 4% volume cap allocations, 9% tax credit transactions, Housing Authority transactions. The financing company has acquired much affordable housing on behalf of their clients by servicing their loans.

Seniors housing and healthcare

You will enjoy the years of expertise offered by professionals with over sixty years of experience. The financing will be for skilled nursing, memory care, assisted and independent living facilities. Whether you are a regional or huge organizational owner, Grandbridge will ensure that they offer the best financing alternative to you.


No matter the size of your hospitality establishment or the location, you are assured that Grandbridge will provide capital solutions that enable you to achieve your dreams. You will have a range of resources that are combined with experts and professionals to ensure that your establishment is a success.


Other financing solutions will be offered for medical offices, manufactured home communities, offices, and retail among others.


You are assured of the track record of Grandbridge as the primary servicer.
Varied loan terms from 3 to 40 years to suit your needs.
The company has in-house closing coordination.
The compliance and control environment is favorable.
The company has a highly experienced and tenured team and staff.
Grandbridge is committed to using high-end technology to ensure that the loan portfolio is managed effectively.
The company and the staff understand the needs of their clients.
Grandbridge understands the finance and real estate market hence it offers effective services.

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