Appraisal Service at Agresti Real Estate 

Appraisal Service at Agresti Real Estate

Agresti real estate is a real estate company that has been offering appraisal services to Pennsylvania residents since 1991. The real estate company has 3 state-certified residential real estate appraisers and 2 licensed appraisal trainees. They also have support staff and for that reason, you are assured of convenience. Their 25 years of experience have helped them gain knowledge and expert skills In property valuation. Agresti real estate offers various appraisal services. They include;

• Divorce settlement Appraisal

In case of a divorce between married couples, the real estate company offers a divorce settlement appraisal. They evaluate the assets owned by both parties and divide the property in equal proportions.

• REO/ Foreclosure Appraisal

Agresti real estate also offers a valuation of REO also known as real estate Owned property that has failed to sell. They also help clients evaluate mortgages if the mortgager has debt.

• Estate valuation for probate Appraisal

This is an appraisal service that evaluates property and assets that are left after someone dies. The real estate company helps you get the value of the property minus the debts and expenses. These expenses are like funeral expenses, among others.

• For sale by owner appraisals

Are you planning to sell your property without dealing with an agent? It can be hard especially if you are doing it for the first time. With the help of Agresti real estate, you can get your property evaluated and this will help you know the estimated cost of your property.

• Purchase Appraisal

It is good to get the valuation cost of a home before purchasing it. Agresti Real Estate Company can assist you to get the property appraisal value. They inspect the property based on similar property sales, new market trends, and home amenities.

• Refinance Appraisal

If you are planning to refinance their mortgage you can involve the help of Agresti Real Estate. They will help you evaluate and give you value. To increase their appraisal chances, repair your home by re-painting and fixing broken spots.

• Equity loans Appraisal

These are appraisals for home equity loans. Before the real estate offers an equity loan, they will inspect your property to check for any upgrades.


You can never go wrong with Agresti Real Estate Company. From their vast knowledge and experience to their qualified staff, you can be sure to trust their services.

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