Ron LeGrand: Quick Turn Real Estate School

Ron LeGrand: Quick Turn Real Estate School

About Ron LeGrand

Ron LeGrand has been teaching real estate investing a long time – over 15 years that we’ve known about. Unlike the other Gurus profiled on our website, Ron has never been the star of his own Reality TV show and specializes in the sales of real estate investment information – which in marketing circles is known as being an “info marketer”.

A self-proclaimed “millionaire-maker,” Ron’s claim to fame in the real estate investment niche is his now famous “rags-to-riches” story – he started out as a mechanic and came home one day to have his wife tell him the washing machine had broken down. LeGrand says he didn’t even have the money to pay a washing machine repair guy and made the decision then and there to become a real estate investor. He responded to a late night infomercial from the late great real estate investor Carlton Sheets, and the rest they say is history. Or is it?

LeGrand has authored several books including one that shot to fame during the housing boom called “Quick Turn Real Estate” detailing some of his “starter” strategies on doing deals with no money down. Since the housing recession, Ron’s real estate education business Global Publishing came under attack and revenues fizzled resulting in him having to layoff a significant number of his staff. Since then, in true LeGrand style, he has reinvented himself and repositioned his business. His real estate training programs are reasonably comprehensive – however you always have to brace yourself for the upsell, not so much from him but from the long line of other “gurus” selling their real estate and business opportunity wares that he gives the stage to. We have first hand experience of attending Ron’s events, and we have invested in many of his programs and trainings.

What Ron LeGrand Offers
LeGrand offers possibly the biggest selection of real estate training programs, kits, books and membership programs – and while much of his info is good, remember that bigger is not necessarily better.

How Much?
Hold onto your wallets. LeGrand’s training is expensive with workshops as much as $10,000 and his top programs costing $60,000 and above. He does offer a Gold Membership program where you can join his “club” for $199 a month.

Refund Policy
We can’t get any clarity on this despite numerous calls to his office, although we’re pretty sure he does provide some kind of satisfaction guarantee.

One thing can be said of Ron – he has stood the test of time and he’s one of the biggest action takers we know. When he gets an idea, the man has already moved on it before the rest of us have even written it down. He’s also seen his fair share of market changes and has had significant experience investing in real estate. Is he active in real estate investing and is he still doing as many deals as say, Tarek and Christina El Moussa? Who can say, but the man has been around a while.

Ron LeGrand Complaints

• LeGrand does not attend the free preview events

• His programs are extremely expensive

• He’s always trying to sell you something – his events are a big pitch-fest.

None of these are deal breakers in our humble opinion, but you be the judge of that.