Renovation Revenue: Andy and Candis Meredith (TV Show: Old Home Love)

Who is Renovation Revenue

Renovation Revenue is the real estate training program based on the real estate experience of TV’s most adorable real estate couple, Andy and Candis Meredith (we just want to hug em’). This couple have between them almost enough kids to start a football team (ok we are exaggerating a bit I think they have 8 kids – but still!). The couple is based in Salt Lake City and shares a special love for restoring and flipping old homes for profit. We think that this couple might be TV’s thriftiest real estate couple – they have an unbelievable talent at taking something that frankly looks like crap and polishing it into a diamond for a fraction of the cost that most people would.

How Does Renovation Revenue Work?

Pretty much the same way as most other real estate investing courses – you go the free seminar, sign up for an in-depth training course to help get you started and from there you can strike out on your own or go to more advanced class, sign up for their coaching program or join a Mastermind Program where you meet a couple of times a year to pow-wow with other students and fast track your success.

Moohlah – what’s the Cost?

We couldn’t find diddly-squat in terms of pricing to attend their trainings, and of course their website says nada about anything to do with price. If you’re interested in going, we recommend you call their customer service line and ask for a breakdown – but don’t use price alone to determine whether you’re going to go. Remember the cool thing about investing in real estate is that it can take only one deal to earn the cost of your education back, and the cost of getting crappy advice at a much lower price point can cost you a LOT more!

What’s The Refund Policy?

We’re not sure but guess that they do since this couple is about as down-to-earth and grounded as you can get.  We can’t imagine that they wouldn’t offer some kind of assurance for attending their trainings.  Again call their customer service line if you want more info (800) 277-4350.

Reputation & Track Record

Andy and Candis Meredith have a pretty solid reputation as far as we can tell. Their TV show is pretty new, so it hasn’t developed a cult following yet but we’re willing to bet it will. What’s also cool about this couple is that SHE wields the hammer and is the contractor and he’s the deal maker.  We just love seeing a woman in overalls…

Common Complaints

   Customer Service is s-l-o-w to respond

In our opinion this isn’t really a complaint but rather an observation. Andy and Candis, if you’re reading this then the customer service peeps might need a fire lit underneath them, but other than that we only have good things to say.

Next Steps

Over to you.  Check out their website However, just like with all real estate investment programs, if you’re not prepared to put the work in after you get the education, then you’d be better to stay home watching their program than actually trying to follow in their footsteps…

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