Real Estate FAQ

Who is Behind This Site?

We’re just an ordinary, boring couple with a little too much time on our hands and a morbid fascination for real estate investing. Yes we are real estate investors, yes we’ve flipped a house and made a profit and yes we do own a couple of rental properties that we’re lucky enough to have cash flow – but no investing in real estate hasn’t made us multi-millionaires.

We got started investing in real estate investing in 2005 when the housing market was booming – and we were stupid enough to start in one of the most expensive cities in America – Los Angeles. And guess how we got started in real estate investing? By attending a “free” seminar. Since then we’ve attended more real estate seminars and trainings than you could shake a stick at. Ok, you could even call us professional seminar “attenders” – but every time we’ve gone we’ve learned something – even if it’s to avoid a certain training company at all costs. Which brings us to the reason why you’re here.

If you arm interested in starting in real estate investing but have no clue who to trust. Well we don’t have all the answers either, but what I can tell you is that the number of real estate investing scam artists out there has increased significantly, especially in the last 4 years since the economy has come back. But its not all bad news. If you’re prepared to dig a little through the rubble, there are (in our humble opinion) a couple of good companies who actually do give a shit about their customers and teach you solid step-by-step real estate investing strategies that can get you started on this path. We’re not going to tell you who they are (it is, after all only our humble opinion). We see our job as more like undercover reporters. We report back on the facts, you draw your own conclusions.

If the only reason you’re going to one of these free real estate trainings is to see the celebrity on the cover of your invite – then you seriously need to get your head checked. If you bothered to do any type of homework on these free trainings you would know that the training company behind them likely holds anywhere from 30 to 500 free events each year!

If you think that Tarek and Christina from Flip or Flop or Josh Altman from Million Dollar listing is going to appear at your free event, then you’re going to be bitterly disappointed and much better off staying home in your la-z-boy arm chair watching re-runs of Oprah or Jerry Springer.

Newsflash: Celebrities are busy people. They are not coming to your free training. If that’s the reason you’re going, then don’t waste your gas money. Now having said that we have been to a bunch of real estate trainings where the celebrities have turned up. But the celebrities we’ve met in the flesh have only happened because we’ve joined their advanced training or mastermind training program. Which makes sense, right?

If you were a celeb real estate investor, would you want to waste your time with lookie-loos who hadn’t paid a dime and just wanted to star-gaze, or would you want to spend time with people who were serious about learning and using your real estate investing strategies and had proved their commitment with their wallet. Sorry if this offends you but this is business in the real world folks.