Ok.  We'll Admit It.


We are both BIG 007 fans (for the record Sean Connery was the best James Bond and no one else even comes close). And we both secretly wish that we led double lives as an uncover agent.  But as that is obviously never going to happen and we are just a boring ordinary couple with day jobs that dabble in a little real estate investing on the side, this website is as close as we'll get to it.


So Why UnderCoverRealEstate.com?

We got started in real estate investing in 2005. Yes the economy was booming and yes we got started by attending a “free seminar”. Since then we’ve been burned more than a few times, made tons of mistakes and have invested a small fortune in our real estate education.  Were we idiots? We don't think so (but we’ll let you be the judge of that). But none of that is relevant to you and why you’re here – which is to try and sift the fact from the fiction, the scammers from the true-blue real estate education that actually works. Let’s just be clear about one thing.  WE ARE NOT GOING TO TELL YOU WHICH REAL ESTATE SEMINAR TO GO TO OR WHO TO TRAIN WITH. That decision is up to you.  All we’re going to do is offer our insights from attending a ridiculous number of trainings over the past few years (and yes we still do!), along with the views of our peeps who have been kind enough to share their experience with us below (scroll waaay down).

We started this website because we think of ourselves as a kind of undercover reporter in the real estate investing niche.  We get new invites to training events all the time - and guess what - we STILL go! And we always learn something.  Even if it's just knowing who the scam artists are and who to avoid. But don't get discouraged.  There are still education courses that are, frankly worth their weight in gold. And that's why you're here and doing your research on the internet. 

If you're a cliff notes kind of girl or guy, then here is all you need to know about what it's going to take to be successful:

Requirements For Your Success in Real Estate Investing

  • A burning desire to be successful in real estate investing. And we mean BURNING.
  • An open mind. Even if you have experience, the market is always changing and there are always new strategies to learn and apply. When the market changes, so too does your real estate investing strategy need to change! Duh! Even the pros are busy learning new strategies in different markets (at least the ones who are actually doing deals are).
  • A real estate investing education. Can you do it alone? Yes of course you can. But get ready to do it the ultra hard way, the ultra slow way and ...the ultra lonely way. There is nothing that will build your confidence faster in doing deals than knowing you have a proven system to follow. It was a game changer for us. Now all you have to do is decide who to learn from... (remember that is up to you!).
  • Get Off Your Ass and Make It Happen! Sorry but someone had to say it. Education with application is - totally useless. If you're not going to do anything - and be willing to get out there and hunt out deals, talk to real sellers and make offers, and be rejected, and make more offers, and be rejected, and make more offers - and if you're lucky have one in 20 be accepted - then stay on the couch. You'll be a lot poorer - but we're sure a lot happier.