Jenni Rivera Real Estate Agent

Jenni Rivera Real Estate Agent

About the real estate agent/ History of the real estate

Jenni Rivera Real Estate was founded in Corona, CA, on February 17, 2004. It is a domestic real estate company with Faby Morales Hernandez as the registered agent for this company. The company is currently suspended and has file number C2624259.


The company is a CORP as registered in the California corporations. It offered services that are done by most real estate agents, and they include;

Selling properties

Landlords do not like selling their homes but, they tend to delegate the job to real estate agents. The agents at Jenni Rivera real estate would do all the tasks on behalf of the landowners. They categorize the homes into townhouses, single-detached houses, apartments, and residential or commercial property., after classifying they advertise the properties.


They ensure that they use the right marketing tools to ensure that the time the properties are on the market is low. With limited time on the market, the real estate agents will earn more commission and attract more clients.

Tenant screening

The real estate agents will ensure that they do a background check on the tenant to ensure that they have a clear criminal record and their credit scores are good. With that, they will ensure that the tenants will not abscond on the payments or cause trouble to the other tenants.

Maintenance of the property

The properties need maintenance, and the real estate agent does that on behalf of the landlords. Some of the maintenance includes replacing broken and worn-out hinges, windows, doors and repairing the floors. The overall renovation of the home is under the real estate agent.

Handling tenants issues

All the issues that tenants encounter are handled by the real estate agent.

The real estate is currently suspended but since when it was founded the above tasks were its main services.

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