Daniel Gale Real Estate

Daniel Gale Real Estate

About this Real Estate Agent & History

Daniel Gale Real Estate was founded in 1962 as a small family-owned business. The base of the company was Gold Spring Harbor but has expanded to the renowned estate brokerage company in Long Island and Queens. The company has a total of twenty-five offices located in different towns such as Bayside, Garden City, Westbury, Cutchogue, Cold Spring Harbor, and other offices scattered around Queens and Long Island.


The services offered by Daniel Gale real estate include the Masterpiece Collection, Commercial and Rental Divisions, Residential real estate, and Relocation/Referrals Division. If you want the most exceptional properties on Long Island then the services offered by Daniel Gale will be suitable. You can always find something to your tastes and preferences. The real estate company will take care of your needs be it relocation, rentals, and commercials. You can find residential properties through the many sales agents who are scattered all around the area and local offices. The sales agents will take good care of your property if you are a landlord through maintenance and ensuring that it does not take a lot of time in the market before getting a buyer. The vacancies are filled within a very short time ensuring that the properties return their market value. The company can do all things on behalf of the landowner hence ensuring that the landlord is not stressed by the process. The real estate agents can engage in different activities on behalf of the landlord such as screening tenants and ensuring that they have a high credit score. The houses and properties such as warehouses are managed by real estate agents who work independently.


Dealing with the real estate agent, you will experience some benefits as follows;

The real estate has many offices in almost all the towns, which makes them easily accessible.
They are not only property managers, but, they perform other roles such as relocation services which are very advantageous to individuals.
The teams are made of highly experienced staff who ensure that you get what you have been looking for whether residential or commercial property.
The properties of Daniel Gale are in different communities, and thus they ensure that you can join the community of your choice.
You can go house viewing during open houses and decide with a clear idea of what you are purchasing.
It is important to note that with Daniel Gale Real Estate you can rent, sell or purchase the property of your choice according to your budget.

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